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About Northside Grow

At Northside Grow, your health and wellbeing are our priority. Founded in 2020 by a determined and hard-working individual, Ryan, Northside Grow has expanded to include farm-fresh eggs, sea moss, and elderberry to promote health and wellness. We have since grown to become a well-recognized and respected source for high-quality products that our loyal customers love and trust. After all, we are all inspired by the same goal: to live the healthy life we deserve.


Home Grown in Richmond's Northside


Only the finest ingredients

Everything Northside Grow produces comes from non-GMO and non-hybrid seeds. You are receiving the nutrients of the best of the best with every product we provide.

Cultivated locally

Our farm is located right in North Richmond, near the Raceway. Each row of produce is grown from seed with no pesticides or chemicals of any sort.

Grown with best practices

Northside Grow takes cultivation seriously and attends conferences in order to understand the best natural growing techniques.


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